Sunday, October 08, 2006


New arrivals to the concentration camp

that were ill or showed any sign of poor

health were sent to the “hospital”.

This is were Nazi scientist experimented

on the prisoners. After the prisoners

died or became of no use to the scientist

they put them in a large chamber where

they were burned. The ghost of the

prisoners still haunt the laboratory every

night then return to the chamber where

they spent their last agonizing momments



AF said...

Yo marcus....I love this piece... my only comments are that you set up a really cool peice and let the details get the better of you...but man is it awesome to see how your work is coming along. Here are my thoughts regarding your piece...

But again man very nice I love the simple idea and story to your peice.....

Marcus said...

Dude that Rocks! thanks alot man. I totally have to add that effect

AF said...

oh and I read the story after I started playing with it...that's why the ghosts on the floor have shadows....but with strong light source it's kinda fun to play with the silhouette...

Andrew Glazebrook said...

A very spooky environment pic ! Nice work !